For Immediate Release 2-14-07: (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
The PDF Version of this Press Release is [HERE]

A -scope New York installation that is just too big to keep secret any longer...
Black robotic ocean waves covering the entire 150 foot entrance and exit of Lincoln Center.

TIDEDam, Stuhltrager
presents “TIDE”
-Scope New York
Lincoln Center

February 22-26, 2007

Last December at -scopeMiami, Brose Partington’s debut with Dam, Stuhltrager garnered rave reviews. A mere two months later, this 27yr old newcomer from Indianapolis is chosen as the solo artist for the entire entrance and exit of -Scope NewYork at Lincoln Center.

  • 18 gear box motors.
  • 40 yards of black rip stop nylon fabric.
  • "Tide" is a Brose Partington’s latest and largest self contained, mechanical based installation.

Spanning the entire 150 feet of -scope New York’s entrance and exit, Partington’s series of black robotic waves sets the feeling of venturing into another place and time. The artist’s installation draws from theater in it’s most earnest, classical sense. The audience must actively confront, navigate, respond, manipulate their way through "TIDE" to enter or leave the fair. As in a play, the sculpture’s seemingly subtle, natural movements are programmed- utterly staged. “TIDE” is as sophisticatedly artificial as any truly moving performance and draws viewers to question the origin of their responses to it. Referencing the insinuations of a drama, “TIDE” is a vision that is both fantastically alluring while also darkly foreboding. Visitors view something simply beautiful yet latently menacing. "Tide" aesthetically is a metaphor for all the potential power man has to create and destroy- raise and bury, purify and pollute, love and hate... The list of self reflexive - paradoxical relationships goes on and on... Above all references and inferences, “TIDE” transcends it’s historical connotations to exist first and foremost as a fresh, playfully poignant, contemporary piece of installation art.

ARTIST STATEMENT: “I am taking structures and drawing a parallel to the patterns of natural occurrences. My work examines the subtle movements around us, and the patterns those movements create. I am trying to find the cyclical patterns of nature within man made objects, environments, and modes of transportation." – B. Partington, Dec 2006
Full PDF bersion of the artist statement is [HERE]

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Ever since building his first sculpture with legos as a small toddler, Brose Partington has been a growing sculptor. He got his B.F.A. from the Herron School of Art in 2004 and promptly joined the staff at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. In August ‘06, a sharp eyed museum director contacted Dam, Stuhltrager with news of a secret new talent that they thought would be a perfect match to the gallery. Three weeks later, a curator from another museum contacted the gallery with the same hot tip. By the end of September, Dam, Stuhltrager had seen Brose Partington’s studio in Indianapolis for themselves and immediately set the talented artist to work on an installation for their December -scopeMiami booth. The rest is the beginning of history...

Hear it online: Nat'l Public Radio (NPR) interview with Brose Partington about his sculpture and inspirations.

Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery
38 Marcy Ave.
Brooklyn. NY 11211