The Art of Brose Partington

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Interview on July 29th, 2006 on NPR - WFYI 90.1 FM - Indianapolis,IN for
the weekly show, "The Art of the Matter" - Interview by M. Travis DiNicola [more]

(total playing time: about 13 minutes)
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Pop-up videos of the work mentioned in the radio interview.
1. (Open at 36 seconds of play) "Waves (the tide)" [open video]
2. (Open at 2 min. 11 sec. of play) "Rule the World" [open video]
3. (Open at 3 min. 30 sec. of play) "Sooner or Later" [open video]
4. (Open at 6 min. 25 sec. of play) "the addAcolor project" [open web page]
5. (Open at 8 min. 40 sec. of play) "Card Tower" [open video]
6. (Open at 10 min. 20 sec. of play) "Kinetic Table" [open video]
7. (Open at 11 min. 40 sec. of play) "Flux Space Show" [open web page]



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